Terms and conditions

Present document determines the terms and conditions of usage for digital services on web portal cryptoglossary.info

1. General terms and scope of work

• The terms and conditions of usage represent an agreement of legal power between service parties – service customer (subsequently you or customer) and service provider. (subsequently us or provider)

• The fact of using our services by you, automatically places you under the terms and conditions of use, meaning you already are aware of the terms and conditions stated by the web page and agree with them entirely.

2. Registration

• Web page does not require registration. There is no registration field and customer does not have to provide personal information to the platform.

3. Access restriction

• Web page holds the rights to restrict the access to the web page to any customer, partly or fully, without previous notice.

4. Ownership and copyright

• Content uploaded on web portal is obtained from publicly accessible sources.

• Web portal content is available for personal use.

• Web portal content is strictly forbidden to use for pursuing commercial interests.

5. Liability Limit

• Web portal is not responsible for any statement represented in its content, as far as the law permits.

• Content presented on web portal does not pursue any specific interest. It only is of informative nature.

• Web portal is not responsible for any outcome that customer receives upon usage of its content.

6. Commercial content and links

• While using web portal services, customer might be led to a link, where services are provided by the third party. In such case, customer should be aware, our web portal holds no control of those web pages and is not responsible for information, software or other material presented on there.

7. Confidentiality

• Our web portal does not collect personal information of customers and does not use such information for commercial purposes.

• We use Google analytics tool to analyze traffic and such data is only of informative nature.